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The 111 brand is a combination of work and everyday life.
The possibility of using a protective clothing in everyday activities
111 is quality, comfort and unique design.


Inspiration with extreme sports and constantly changing trends resulted in the creation, in 2016, of a new Kegel-Błażusiak brand: 111. Solutions applied in this particular collection guarantee comfort of use ( flex fit ) and increase product safety and life (reflective RFR ). Placed at critical spots, abrasion resistant and easy to clean materials ( RFR, CORDURA ) increase reliability of use in the harshest conditions.


Since 1979, we have been creating innovative products distinguished by high quality and functionality. Long-term experience, attention to detail and your needs all contributed to “111” brand emergence. Inspired by Tadeusz Błażusiak, multiple World Champion in SuperEnduro, we have combined functionality with protection and comfort, so that work is your passion and the goal is striving for perfection.

Use it like a pro


111 Collection clothing is manufactured according to the highest standards, from technologically advanced fabrics having windproof, waterproof or fast drying properties, ensuring body protection against adverse weather conditions or hazards that may occur at a workstation...

Typical products


Extensive product range allows to match products to all seasons and resulting temperature changes.


We care for availability and consistency of each clothing item. From thermoactive underwear, through pants and sweatshirts, to footwear and accessories.

Comfort of use

The abrasion protection solutions used in the 111 collection ensure freedom of movement and product durability over many years.


111 clothing brand is a collection created for demanding customers. Products are windproof, waterproof, fast drying and very easy to clean. In addition, they protect against chafing, and due to their flexibility, ensure freedom of movement.

Typical products


Clothing not only has protective functions - in addition to practical use, its visual spectrum was taken good care of.


The collection item have been prepared in accordance with all the latest trends.

For enthusiasts

Due to their unique features collection items can be used in everyday life, both professional and when practicing a hobby.

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