Kegel-Błażusiak company is founded

from a small tailor shop to a professional production facility (4 production plants).


Cooperation with the German market starts

Cooperation with recognized European brands (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Deutsche Post, Teamdress, Rofa, THW, Bundeswehr.) The company's products have found recognition in the eyes of customers who regard quality and experience in the use of clothing as most important factors.


Opening of a production plant in Ochotnica

Twenty kilometres from the company's headquarters, a plant is built with one of the first suspended system installations and GERBER automated production management and control system.


Second production plant in Nowy Targ

The company's headquarters in Nowy Targ is expanded with a production part, second production plant is launched.
The production of car covers starts in the same year.


Clothing sales starts in Poland

Selection of raw materials suppliers and beginning of cooperation with a group of recognized brands to ensure product quality (Klopman, YKK, Coats, 3M, as well as TenCate, Lauffenmuhle, Amann, Carrington, Prym). High quality workmanship and precision of production supported with top quality raw materials.


Cooperation with rental companies – rental of clothing starts

Working together contributes to the emergence and popularization of Kegel-Błażusiak brand. So far available only through retail purchases of company owners or employees, Kegel- Błażusiak clothing is made available through different channels. Most important of all was that products complied with very high requirements set for clothing,  sually exposed to industrial washing and drying at very high  emperatures.


Company development, customers and orders

Demand for additional production capacity results in the opening of a third factory in Jabłonka, Orava, the Małopolskie Province. Jabłonka, like Ochotnica, is located about 20 km from the headquarters, but in the opposite to Ochotnica direction. This scattering of production plants is expedient for safety reasons (e.g. problems with electricity supply). At the same time, the distance from the headquarters is close enough from the point of view of logistic management.


Production of work footwear is underway

The company's work clothing offer is supplemented with a work footwear line. Initially. Only four models are produced, compared to over thirty currently in the regular offer.


Gloves on offer

The offer is supplemented with a work gloves line.


Expansion of the production plant in Nowy Targ

Construction of a new warehouse. The production line is equipped with a third automatic cutting line.


111 brand

The largest Polish trade fair becomes the stage for the presentation of a new brand of Kegel- Błażusiak workwear. “111” brand is workwear with own character. Modern design, innovative construction solutions, raw materials from the top world shelf. All supported by many years
of experience and impeccable quality of Kegel-Błażusiak. "Premium quality in the field of workwear" becomes the slogan of 111 WORKWEAR ENGINNERING.


Production plant no 4

Launching of a fourth production plant in Limanowa. This perfect location fits in with the philosophy of production dispersion.


Construction of a central warehouse

Beginning of the construction of a central warehouse with an area of 10,000 m2, located in the transport node at the A4 motorway in the Bocheńska Economic Activity Zone. Commencement of operations in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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